Baby swimwear: How to choose a perfect one?

 baby swimwear

Summer is coming and your family is planning to go to the beach, enjoy the golden sands, fresh breeze and crystal-clear water. If it is the first time your cutie has been to the beach and surely one of the first things that you should consider is buying him/her a gorgeous baby swimwear. Obviously, you always want your little baby look nice, comfortable and safe while playing on the beach and under the unbroken sunshine. Let’s read this article because it will give you some very useful tips to choose a  perfect swimwear for your baby!

Baby swimwear can be really adorable and come in a variety of different styles and colors, from ones with little ruffled butts to lovely suits with prints of your children’s favorite animated characters, etc.  However, there is one thing that parents should pay attention is that we should not think about baby swimsuit to be exactly the same as what us adult often wear. Obviously, baby has thinner and more sensitive skin than adult which should not be over-exposed to the sunshine.

Swimwear styles

When choosing swimwear for your baby, skip the traditional cut swimwear. Instead, you may want to go for one that looks like a T-shirt with short or even long sleeves. Do not think that such kind of swimwear is out-of-fashioned. They still look stylish which can be made from various beautiful and high-quality fabrics such as gingham, navy pique plain or plaid fabrics, etc.  On the other hand, you can choose baby swimwear that comes in two pieces with bow-shaped straps and lovely appliqué of adorable cartoon characters.  Regarding the colors, swimwear with bright colors are better than the dark ones since the latter can absorb sunlight more easily and cause suntan and other harms to your baby skin.

baby swimwear

Swimwear sizes

Swimwear often fits the body than other kind of clothing; however, you do not want to put on your child with a too tight or too loose one. This is because a swimsuit which is too tight can cause irritation and chafing while a baggy item may fall down, interfere with swimming or even be swept away by the waves. Instead, choosing baby swimwear that can lay flat and smooth against the body. Waistbands and leg holes should not bind and child’ rear end should be completely covered. Ask your child to reach high above his/her head, twist to the side, bend over or sit down to check if she/he feels comfortable in the suit. Remember to look at every angle. The baby swimwear should not ride up, slip down no matter what position your child is in.


Swimwear safety

When purchasing baby swimwear garments, remember to check if there is any tiny item such as hook, snap, bow or any other embellishments that can possibly embrace latent risks for your cutie. These can all pose choking hazard if they come loose or being pulled off by your child. Parents should routinely check for this, not only in swimsuit but also for other kinds of children clothing, especially after washing to ensure the safety for your baby. This also keeps him/her comfortable to be fully happy with the family’s holiday by the beach.

baby swimwear


If you are looking for swimwear that meet full of the above criteria, why not visiting Babeeni’s children clothing store. There you can find lots of swimwear for your children from hand-smocked to appliqué styles in various eye-catching colors. Shop now and prepare a wonderful summer holiday for the whole family!



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