How to choose the best baby coat

Bundling your children with baby coat or jacket is one of the best ways to keep your children healthy and warm in the winter season. However, when looking for the baby coat, a parent might be confused with the mass of baby coat in the various style and weight.

Remember that your kid will wear a baby coat to participant outdoor discovery and playground, a beautiful and warm baby clothes may not make your child comfort wearing. Unlike the parents’ clothes which more focus on fashion and trending clothes, the comfortable, safety, and convenience factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a baby coat.

Sweater for kid with heart-shaped collar – ST 021

Types of baby coat


There are massive choices in the market and it makes things quite difficult to find the right winter coat for your baby. After few years experience with my two lovely daughters, I have marked down some essential criteria when looking for a kid winter coat.

Smocked sweatshirt with white dots and ballet girls – PO 13

The kind of coat that your baby will need for winter playtime is very different to the type of cold weather. If you live in the heavy snowfall area, a snowsuit is one of the best options. While it keeps full coverage baby body to protect from the cold wind and water. However, don’t over-bundle your kid while children are allowed to get colder than most parent image.

Do your babies prefer outdoors or indoors activities? If your baby prefer going out, a simple baby smocked coat, not too much clothes layer might be the perfect one

Comfortable movements when wearing

Knit sweatshirt with cute sheep applique – PO 20

Parents should get it clear about the smocked baby coat. Can your kid move freely with these coats? Although every child needs to be kept warm, the movement without being restricted by the clothes is also important. If the coat is too thick or stiff, there is high chance that it could make your child easily fall down when running or bending. If your children feel comfortable, they like to wear a coat and be kept warm all days.

Suitable size

Looking for a suitable size coat might make mothers get confused. Keep in mind that children grow fast and will overgrow their baby smocked coat soon. A child can wear new coat tightly in 2 to 3 months. Therefore, before spending on your children baby coat, parents might want to buy the advance larger size. Your child can wear it for all the winter season.

Reindeer smocked quilted coat for Christmas – QC 05


The mother should consider choosing baby smocked coat base on their child’s weight and height, not only focus on their recommended age. It would be perfect if you managed to bring your child together when choosing their baby coat at the store. Besides, parents need to leave an extent for babywearing sweater in case of the baby is growing too fast.

Convenient usage

Paying attention to whether the coat is convenient for using or not is also an integral part. Check your baby coat is with zippers, buttons or snaps. Baby coat with zipper will make the kid wear by himself faster and more easily. Zippers should be pulled high enough to keep warm for baby’s neck. But you shouldn’t zip up too high to avoid hurting baby’s face.

Christmas Santa Claus applique quilted baby coat – QC 04

On the other hand, baby coats with buttons might be the good choice due to easy closing or opening of adult’s hands. It also helps parents to conveniently dress for their children. Likewise, you can choose the baby smocked coats that do not have too much button. Parents might get inconvenience when there are too many buttons need to wear.

Christmas hand-smocked girl coat

 Coats for children need to be comfortable to act and move. Another quite important note is that kids feel comfortable with the warmth of the coat. Parents do not want their kids to be cold, so they wear for them too many baby clothing layers or too thick coat.

Christmas hand-smocked pullover with lovely animated characters – PO 14


Dressing thinly and inadequately makes children likely to get cold and ill while too many clothes make them itchy and uncomfortable.

Therefore, based on how cold the weather is, wear coats for your babies rationally. For example, parents should dress up their kids a thin layer next to baby’s skin. A sweater and a coat outside could be a good match. Surely, your children can feel coat warmth.


Pay attention to colors

Pink monogram jacket – PO 31


 Colors play an integral part in helping your baby’s coat look cute and warm. Depending on your baby’s complexion, then you can choose suitable coat color for your babies. Commonly, we often choose hot colors such as red, orange or green to create a cool and cute outlook. However, there are many other beautiful colors you should choose according to your children’s preferences.



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