Baby swimwear: How to choose a perfect one?

 baby swimwear

Summer is coming and your family is planning to go to the beach, enjoy the golden sands, fresh breeze and crystal-clear water. If it is the first time your cutie has been to the beach and surely one of the first things that you should consider is buying him/her a gorgeous baby swimwear. Obviously, you always want your little baby look nice, comfortable and safe while playing on the beach and under the unbroken sunshine. Let’s read this article because it will give you some very useful tips to choose a  perfect swimwear for your baby!

Baby swimwear can be really adorable and come in a variety of different styles and colors, from ones with little ruffled butts to lovely suits with prints of your children’s favorite animated characters, etc.  However, there is one thing that parents should pay attention is that we should not think about baby swimsuit to be exactly the same as what us adult often wear. Obviously, baby has thinner and more sensitive skin than adult which should not be over-exposed to the sunshine.

Swimwear styles

When choosing swimwear for your baby, skip the traditional cut swimwear. Instead, you may want to go for one that looks like a T-shirt with short or even long sleeves. Do not think that such kind of swimwear is out-of-fashioned. They still look stylish which can be made from various beautiful and high-quality fabrics such as gingham, navy pique plain or plaid fabrics, etc.  On the other hand, you can choose baby swimwear that comes in two pieces with bow-shaped straps and lovely appliqué of adorable cartoon characters.  Regarding the colors, swimwear with bright colors are better than the dark ones since the latter can absorb sunlight more easily and cause suntan and other harms to your baby skin.

baby swimwear

Swimwear sizes

Swimwear often fits the body than other kind of clothing; however, you do not want to put on your child with a too tight or too loose one. This is because a swimsuit which is too tight can cause irritation and chafing while a baggy item may fall down, interfere with swimming or even be swept away by the waves. Instead, choosing baby swimwear that can lay flat and smooth against the body. Waistbands and leg holes should not bind and child’ rear end should be completely covered. Ask your child to reach high above his/her head, twist to the side, bend over or sit down to check if she/he feels comfortable in the suit. Remember to look at every angle. The baby swimwear should not ride up, slip down no matter what position your child is in.


Swimwear safety

When purchasing baby swimwear garments, remember to check if there is any tiny item such as hook, snap, bow or any other embellishments that can possibly embrace latent risks for your cutie. These can all pose choking hazard if they come loose or being pulled off by your child. Parents should routinely check for this, not only in swimsuit but also for other kinds of children clothing, especially after washing to ensure the safety for your baby. This also keeps him/her comfortable to be fully happy with the family’s holiday by the beach.

baby swimwear


If you are looking for swimwear that meet full of the above criteria, why not visiting Babeeni’s children clothing store. There you can find lots of swimwear for your children from hand-smocked to appliqué styles in various eye-catching colors. Shop now and prepare a wonderful summer holiday for the whole family!

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Boy smocked clothing collection

Summer is finally here! If you are considering what to buy for your cute boy, this entry will give you some ideal options to choose. With Babeeni’s boy smocked clothing collection, you can make sure that your boy is dressed to stay cool and look so cool during summer time. Let’s check it out options below and hurry up pick some of them to dress up for your little one.

After a long year for learning at the school, summer comes and brings many activities for children. It is time to relax and take part in activities outside like camping, travelling and picnic with family. With hot weather during summer months, it is easy to get wet if your son wears a kind of clothing which was made from waterproof fabric. Mothers will not want to replace garment for their son many times during one day or let their son feel uncomfortable in wet clothing set.

As we understand this reason, all of our products were made of 100% cotton, so our smocked clothes assure to keep little boys away uncomfortable feeling from sweat much. In addition, we also focus on designs which can help boys feel cooler. Cool smocked clothing becomes favorite items in summer as smocked shortall and smocked short set.

Boy smocked shortall

If you don’t know how smocked shortall is, I will describe clearly for you to imagine. Smocked shortall means that designs for little boy with sleeveless, medium length, snaps at the crotch and two buttons or more on the shoulder for easy putting on and off. In the other hand, snaps to loose or tighten up without difficulty, so boys can easily change posture from standing to sitting or reversely. Wearing this garment permit boy to freely move hands and be convenient in running.

boy smocked clothing

Nice cross smocked boy shortall for Easter

Boy smocked short set

It will be insufficient if we ignore smocked short set in the clothing wishlist for boy in summer. On some day when it’s not too hot, moms totally might dress for boys with a smocked short set or a smocked T-shirt mixed with a short jeans. There is nothing not to love about a combination between T-shirt and jeans. You will be very contented with handsome and cool appearance of your cute son.

Whether your family are going away on summer vacation or staying at home, your son also will look so cool with our wide range of smocked clothes for boys in summer. Let’s paint an animated summer with Babeeni’s colorful designs now!


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Tips for Christmas smocked dress

For Christmas, everybody wants to have a perfect dress for your beloved baby girls with reasonable prices. Now it is the time to begin preparation, so your child will look pretty and dazzling on this special day. Let’s consider carefully and follow some ideas below:

Buying a New Girl Christmas Dress

  1. Many people think that choosing means that they had to buy clothes with Christmas colors such as white, red and green. In fact, they also could choose other colors for theirs. Try different types by choosing a dress with a dark silver, blue and pink with Xmas pattern on them.
  2. The selection of accessories and complementary appearance: You can choose the shoes and handbags of a neutral color, like black, white, silver or gold.
  3. Comfortable: You should choose a Christmas smocked dress for babies to make them not only look beautiful, but also feel comfortable. Convenience is important, so that you can stand wearing it for a long time though. Bishop smocked dress, baby Christmas outfit, peasant suits from Babeeni are good choices for you.

Christmas smocked dress

Christmas ornament smocked dress

Utilizing Old Dress

  1. Modifying your old Christmas clothes which do not seem to be outdated is to add accent your new dress.
  2. Add unique and exciting accessories to make your old dress look different. Xmas pattern is not too difficult to make yourself.
  3. Add outer or outcomes that your old dress look different. The addition of outer or superficial can make you look more attractive and fashionable. Choose materials of those outer according to current trends, such as Minky, Chevron, Corduroy fabric…

Thanks for your concerning!

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One-piece baby girl swimwear

Faint-hearted girls are often shy in front of crowds. Many girls do not dare to wear bikini when going to the beach. If your daughter is about to have an occasion of going to the beach with family but she are not familiar with wearing bikini, you can refer kinds of one-piece in this entry.

This kind of girl swimwear is the favorite choice of sheepish baby girls. Stylish one-piece swimwear is becoming a hot trend. You can choose an appropriate one-piece smocked swimwear for your angel, based on her body.

Pear-shaped body

Choosing swimwear with brilliant color and pattern is a way to create the balance for girls with pear-shaped body. Plastron one-piece swimwear can easily adjust and increase the shoulder size so it is the most appropriate option.

Hourglass-shaped body

It is necessary for you to clearly understand your angel’s body shape if she has an hourglass-shaped body. This can help you to choose a perfect one-piece swimwear for her. Almost any kinds of swimwear are suitable for little girls who have this type of body so these girls are very lucky. However, one-piece smocked swimwear is the most perfect option for coy baby girls.

girl swimwear

Nice whale embroidered swimwear for little girl

Ruler-shaped body

The best selection for this type of body is also one-piece smocked swimwear. If this type of has simple patterns with plain color and vertical stripes, it should not be chosen.

Short legs, long back

To make the back part shorter, you should select a one-piece swimwear with big patterns. You need to select designs which conceal the back part if it is long. In addition, cut-out details can make the back much longer because of exposing many body parts. Therefore, you should restrict to choose these details on swimwear for your girl.

Waist not slim

Little girls with waist that is not slim often shames to wear one-piece swimwear as it can easily expose this weakness even though the belly fat may be hidden. With this weakness, you should try cut-out designs on one-piece smocked swimwear.  These designs will help your daughter’s body be more slender.

In each vacation with sea and sunshine, swimwear for girls is an indispensable kind of clothing to girls. One-piece is an ideal choice if your princess is shy with two-piece swimwear. Moreover, this type of swimwear is suitable for many types of body. As a result, your little girl will have a lot of options with one-piece swimwear which is appropriate and beautiful to her body.

Thanks for your reading!

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Smocked sundress is appropriate to every baby girl

Nowadays, in the market there are many baby dress styles. However, it can be said that there are no other dresses that can customize all forms like smocked sundress. Even if your little girl is tall, short, thin or chubby, she can wear a sundress for some following reasons. Let’s discover now!

As you know, sundresses come in various different styles; however, each style fits with each little girl’s form. The following are some suggestions for choosing sundresses that make you never ignore a cute smocked sundress for your little one.

If your daughter is a short girl:

A smocked sundress with highlight in the waist will make little girl a bit taller. In addition, moms can let others focus on smocked patterns on the chest or bodice and ruffles at hem instead of looking at baby’s short legs. It means that paying attention to outstanding or lovely patterns which are suitable for her age like animals, natural theme or feature patterns related to special occasion. For a short girl, you shouldn’t choose a too long or wide smocked sundress because it may make her shorter than before wearing. The most ideal length of this form is over knee or calf.

smocked sundress

Seashell and starfish smocked sundress

If your daughter is chubby:

Smocked sundress with straps on the shoulder will be usually lovely with chubby kids. You should choose for your daughter a dress with simple vignettes like sparse floral and soft fabrics. Additionally, deep colors like black, grey and purple create effect for improving form optimally. For smocked patterns, try choosing cute and exquisite patterns that can attract others at the first sight. So, though your little one is chubby, of course you can let her be more confident with smocked sundresses. Besides, remember to avoid too large smocked sundress because it might make your daughter look chubbier.

If she is both tall and thin:

A sundress that is not too tight fitting will suit your little girl. To make your little baby girl’s slim body become more lissome and feminine, sundresses should be sewn with ruffles or some lovely accessories. This combination will make her extremely graceful. Moreover, big flower patterns and bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink may help your slim baby girl be chunkier.

In conclusion, no matter how your little daughter is short, tall, chubby or thin, sundress which is smocked will meet all your little girl’s form and turn her into attractive princess. I hope that you found out reasons that little girls should have a smocked sundress.

Thanks for your attention!

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How to remove pencil stains on Back to school smocked clothes for kids?

At the time your child starts attending school, you surely feel very happy. Parents could hear their stories everyday about what they learned and how much fun they had with their classmates. But these new activities can make you worried because they can cause serious tough stains on your child’s Back to school smocked clothes such as pencil, paint, and crayons.

Many mothers think that pencil stains are impossible to remove or so difficult to remove completely. In fact, there are some ways to remove such stain easily off. Here are the right steps on how to remove pencil stains on Back to school clothing.

1.      Erase pencil stains on smocked apparels

Like pencil marks on your paper, you can erase the tough pencil stains literally off the laundry. You can use the pencil eraser at the tip or a separate pencil eraser by passing gently on pencil stain area. It is enough to remove the marks from the Back to school smocked attires.

2.      Apply stain remover formula on smocked apparels

You could apply a stain remover formula on the stained area of Back to school garments. But you have to make sure that you follow the correct instructions whenever applying their stain remover formula for smocked togs.

3.      Wash normally

The next step, you wash as normally. Remember to use the correct temperature setting for your fabric. If the stain remains before finally drying the stain free, you should repeat the above steps.

4.      Hang the smocked apparels to dry

You should remember that it is better to dry the stained clothes under the heat of the sun instead of the available dryer. In fact, drying stained clothes in the dryer may make the stain permanent on Back to school smocked apparels. And the sun is a wonderful stain remover for Back to school attires.

If the stain persists, you can repeat the steps above until the stain is completely disappears. But with special fabrics, you have to read the tag for washing instructions. If the tag notes that the garment needs professional cleaning, then you must bring the garbs to the local laundry shop. Let your kids put on the fresh and clean clothes without scaring of the tough pencil stains!

Thanks for your reading!

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Choosing smocked baby clothing at Babeeni

Choosing smocked baby clothing is an important job because baby’s skin is very sensitive. Specially, baby smocked clothing is not easy to buy, so looking for a reliable place is necessary. Nowadays, there are some areas sell this kind of clothes but a traditional brand about this product you can have a peace of mind is BABEENI.

Where does BABEENI supply?

This is one famous brand name of Babeeni Vietnam Company Limited. BABEENI is proud of being one of the leading manufacturers of hand embroidery products, specialized in for children smocked clothes. Babeeni’s products are supported to all areas in the world, so you live anywhere you can buy them.

How about Babeeni’s products?

In BABEENI you have many choices about hand smocked baby’s clothes such us: smocked dresses, smocked pants,… All products with BABEENI brand were made by cotton and native. It completely has no toxic for baby’s health. With BABEENI you will find competitive prices and good quality in lovely boutique style children’s clothing. Whether you are looking for hand smocked outfits or using your own design, you are in the right place. We having extraordinary customer service, ensuring all questions and concerns will get answered in a timely manner. Babeeni provides you with the perfect outfit. You will find matching girls and boys outfits as well as the perfect accessory for any outfit you choose. Our outfits are fully customized, you can choose the color and tracery that you like.

smocked baby clothing

Smocked dress at Babeeni

So, if you want to choose baby smocked apparels you can be interested in BABEENI. All our products are from our heart loving children and for children; it surely will make you satisfied.

Please access our website: to search more information!

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Tips to remove gum on smocked baby clothing

Your baby boys can sit down on a chair and find that somebody’s old piece of gum is stuck to. Babies and their mothers also hate gum stains on smocked baby clothing. These tips will help you remove that nasty gum on and make the chair newer.

1.      Items you need to remove gum from

You will need:

  • an ice cubes
  • a plastic bag
  • a knife

2.      Some tips to remove gum from

·        Pull off the gum

If you let the gum dry, it is more difficult to get out later. You should pull off as much as you can with your fingers. You could harden the gum by freezing it to stops it from sinking deeper into the fabric of. With soft fabrics such as wool, after pulling off, you place clothes into a plastic bag and place it in the freezer to harden the gum about a few minutes.

·        Freeze the remaining gum on clothes

If it is bulky, you should put some ice in a freezer bag and place it on the gum for a couple of minutes until it hardens or take a single ice cube and rub it directly onto the gum until it is brittle.

·        Scrape off the frozen gum

Next step, you try to scrape it on off with a knife. If that doesn’t work, take a single ice cube and rub the gum with it until it is brittle then scrape it off with a knife.

smocked baby clothing

If the gum from smocked clothes has been removed, you put kid clothing into a washer. And you can dress for babies as new clothes you already buy from any stores.

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